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Rectangular table in ash wood ( fin.93), and the top in shiny lacquered (6L)

designer: Umberto Asnago



product details

Rectangular table in ash wood ( fin.93), and the top in shiny lacquered (6L)

01 / 00
Umberto Asnago


Umberto Asnago

Umberto Asnago (1949) attended the Istituto d’Arte in Cantù and it is from there that he received his Diploma. He started working as a draftsman with Giorgetti S.p.A. in 1968 and subsequently he took over the responsibility of the Research Centre. In 2006 he leaves Giorgetti to pursue a career as a designer. He is currently Art Director and designer of Penta light. He has also realized set up for fairs and showrooms for companies in the furniture and fashion industry. In 2011 he designed a collection for Giorgetti, thus coming back as a designer. All these experiences have made Umberto Asnago a person who is fully capable of facing, with great professionalism, the rapid evolutions that characterise the furniture sector.