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It is one of the most interesting and versatile pieces in Guglielmo Ulrich’s extensive collection. The simplicity of the design is fully consistent with the distinctiveness of the leather weave that upholsters the bench seating surface. The overall effect is linear, sophisticated and highly modern.

designer: Guglielmo Ulrich



product details

-Regulation: Standard - Upholstery. Consists of a special weave of wide belts made of 2-mm-thick
Cuoio Saddle Extra leather. -Structure: Frassino Moka 61

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Guglielmo Ulrich


Guglielmo Ulrich

Guglielmo Ulrich was born in Milan in 1904, the son of Albert and Luisa Battaglia. Of a noble family of Danish origin, he attended the Brera Accademy, and after a two-years cour¬se, he graduated in architecture at Milan Polytechnic. In 1930 he founded the Arca (Arredamento Casa/House-furnishing) company with Scaglia and Wild, of which he was the designer, presenting objects realized with grea¬test care and craftmanship skill, using precious and exotic materials (until 1935). He designed furnishings for Scaglia until 1945, realized by Jannace and Kovacs.