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Swivel armchair the Structure in steel.Upholstered in Gamma 700 leather red colour

collection: B&B Indoor

designer: Naoto Fukasawa



product details

The name recalls the butterfly because, as explained by the author, “the backrest designs the two wings with the head resting between them and protected by them.” It seems carved out of a block of material from which its inverted truncated cone shape derives. With a powerful personality, its swivel system facilitates contact with the surrounding environment. The chair includes an ottoman footrest for an absolutely relaxing position

87 cm
83 cm
102 cm
01 / 01
Naoto Fukasawa


Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa was born in Yamanashi 1956. Graduated from tama Art University’s product design department, as an in-house designer he engaged in the design of microelectronic devices including watches. In 1989, Fukasawa moved to the united states and joined ideo and it was a very rare case for Japanese product designer of that time. In 2003 he established Naoto Fukasawa design. Fukasawa’s approach for product design is very original and his “without thought”, and “design dissolving in behavior” are internationally supported. Being accorded the title of honorable royal designer for industry (royal society of arts) in 2007 as one of the examples, Fukasawa received a number of international awards