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Hanging lighting device with diffused light. Diffuser in coloured glass mouth-blown on a mould. Available in 4 different types, single version, cluster with 4 diffusers, cluster with 8 diffusers and linear with 3 diffusers in two different colours. Lamp types are available in fixed colour matching or in one-colour version.



product details

YEAR 2013 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2013 Meltdown is a lamp made from thin colored glass with a spherical shape, hand blown in a mold. The inspiration was to make something beautiful from the disastrous nuclear accident in Fukushima. The disaster is reflected in the lamps where the process has already begun and the bulb is about to melt through the last defense of the glass. Guilio Cappellini discovered the design at Salone del Mobile in 2012 and continuing the desire to be synonymous with contemporary avant-garde design, the strength of the creation led to its swift realization as a Cappellini product. The diameter of each lamp is 285 mm and they can be composed linearly or grouped together ad-hoc. The colors available are: dove, pink, tobacco, light blue, amethyst, amber.

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