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Little low armchair, padded with legs in massive ash wood. Fixed cover in a selection of fabrics and leathers of the collection.

designer: Nendo



product details

YEAR 2013 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2013 A low level round armchair, the back legs are in solid ash, which pierce the sides of the back. The stakes give the backrest a nipped-in curve that provides firm lower back support and comfortable seating despite its compact size. A sweetly sized lounge chair, inspired by the 'supermini' cars including the Fiat 500 and smart cars that neatly navigate Milan's streets. PEG armchair is complemented by the PEG table.Measurements: cm 59 x 59.5x66.5

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Under the direction of architect Oki Sato, the group that gathers under the name Nendo has represented a cultured and refined alternative to self-celebrative design since 2002. “Nendo” means “clay” in Japanese; the job of the Nendo group in the field of interior architecture, furniture and graphics is to be as pliable and flexible as clay. In a just few short years and running on big personality and unmatched determination in the field of modern design, Nendo has already received several international credits.