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SPLENDID - 00910/10160

SPLENDID - 00910/10160




product details

A bowl is offered in oval or round execution. A majestic and richly decorated oval or round bowl on a stem from the Splendid collection will look wonderful on every festive table. Crystal Splendid set is the part of the most renowned and the best known drinking set of the Moser Glass Manufactory, set Splendid. The name “Splendid“ has its origin in English and means “magnificent, exquisite, gorgeous, pompous, luxurious etc.“ which really describes this bowl. Richly hand gilded with a 24 K gold with flower design. Gold is hand polished to a high gloss. Splendid products are hand cut (lower part into edges, so called diamond cut on the upper part, which is one of the most demanding types of cut) and hand polished to a high gloss. Splendid is made of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal. The hand cut and gilded Splendid set contains more than 100 different accessories for the excellent decoration of your laid table.

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